Our Skål Club Montreux Vevey recently had a delightful experience partnering with club member Pierre Daviau from BIKAPA for an e-bike tour. We navigated our way through the beautiful UNESCO heritage site of the Lavaux vineyards, guided by Pierre, who made the ride enjoyable for all.

This tour was a unique opportunity for Skålleagues to engage in a new activity together, showcasing the spirit of camaraderie that our club fosters. The e-Bikes ensured an easy ride for everyone, letting us focus on the experience and the magnificent views.

In a special moment of camaraderie, Pierre shared a bottle of Grand Cru Chardonne with us during a break, perfectly paired with a piece of cheese. It was a day filled with shared experiences, laughter, and strengthening bonds.
Here’s to creating more memories and strengthening the ties between our Skålleagues! Stay tuned for more of our adventures.