SKAL Montreux Vevey 5

SKAL Montreux Vevey 5

Welcome to SKAL International Montreux Vevey!

Created on November 24, 1933, SKAL International Montreux Vevey is the 5th Club at the international level and the first launched in Switzerland.

Proud to be one of the pioneers of SKAL International, we are a professional non-profit organisation of leaders from the world of Tourism and Travel, dedicated to the promotion of world tourism, friendship and socio-educational projects…

In a unique setting, our region known as the “Swiss Riviera”, has always welcomed famous guests, among whom we find emblematic figures adopted with open arms: we have represented them in our logo and you will recognise Freddy Mercury and Charles Chaplin.

To guarantee this dynamic and in the spirit of highlighting the assets of the heritage and specially to develop professional networks, we organise meetings according to the principle of SKAL INTERNATIONAL:


S Sundhet = Good health
K Karlek = Friendship
A Alder = Long life
L Lycka = Happiness

We are waiting for you!
Greetings from the president of Skal Montreux Vevey!


Jorge De la Torre Koch

President , Skal Montreux Vevey 5