We recently celebrated the 90th anniversary of Skål Club Montreux Vevey, and it was an exceptional day and evening event. We had the pleasure of hosting members from various clubs who came together to discuss important topics for the future of Skål Club in Switzerland. The discussions were rich with ideas and shared experiences, strengthening the bonds between the different clubs.
The highlight of the event was the gala evening organized by SKAL International Montreux Vevey – 5. The participants had an unforgettable evening with an entertaining program and delicious cuisine. It was the perfect opportunity for members of different clubs to meet, network, and celebrate the success of our organization together.
The following day, we had the opportunity to visit the Chaplin’s World museum and share a friendly lunch at The Tramp restaurant.
We are thrilled to have hosted all participants for this exceptional event, which allowed us to strengthen the bonds between clubs and create unforgettable memories. SKÅL!